Idyllwild is an eclectic mountain village nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, a short 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and San Diego.  Named among the 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, it provides the ideal environment for artists in every discipline to seriously pursue their artistic passions while reconnecting with friends in nature.

Activities for the mind, body and soul
Indoor Spaces:
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Gym
  • Gala Show
  • Open Stage
  • Games
  • Vendors
  • Musicians & DJs
Reenergize back at camp:
  • Forested campsites
  • Temperature controlled cabins
  • Morning coffee and hot tea
  • Hot showers
  • Clean restroom facilities near all common areas
  • Outlets for blow dryers, cell phones, etc.
  • 24 hour access to full kitchen with stoves, microwave, etc.
Explore beyond practice spaces to reflect, connect, and be inspired:
  • Mature forest
  • Nature walks
  • Scenic drives
  • Panoramic Views from Inspiration Point
  • Beautiful sunrises
  • Stargazing
Outdoor Spaces:
  • Cross discipline workshops
  • Aerials at the outdoor amphitheater
  • Fire Circle
Q & A
Q: Rangers + Medic
A: Our Rangers & Medic team are here to assist in creating the most enjoyable experience for each participant. We value our participants as part of our family and only intend to create space for safety and a comfortable environment. Please respect and honor these dedicated compassionate men & women – We are all here to have a good time!
Q: What should I bring?
A: bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.), clothes for both hot and cold weather. Please bring with you: days and cool nights, a flashlight, personal needs (toothbrush, soap, etc.), towel, and tent and groundcloth if camping. Earplugs are handy if you are in a room with someone that snores (or if you snore, bring some to share with your roommates!). Most importantly, bring your joyful self, a positive attitude and a willingness to share in creating a beautiful experience for everyone!
Q: What should I leave at home?
A: Please leave at home: candles, incense, all pets, and alcohol. No pets are allowed in the camp, so please leave them at home or with someone else. You will be turned away without a refund if you have a pet with you.
Q: Will restrooms be available?
A: Yes, restrooms will be available.
Q: Can we bring our own sound system?
A: No.
Q: Are there any rules pertaining to kids under 18?
A: Yes all minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Q: Do children need tickets?
A: Kids 12 and under are free when accompanied by a ticketed adult! However if your 12 and under child looks like he/she may be quite a bit older you may want to bring a copy of their birth certificate to ensure your transition through the gate is a smooth one.
Q: Are tickets transferable?
A: Please email for transfers
Q: Why Volunteer?
A: Manipulation is a community organized event and its success depends on your volunteer participation. Everybody is working hard to make this retreat very special by bringing you more workshops, play areas, and amazing instructors, vendors, musicians, and DJs. In order to keep the ticket cost down, the MOPS team needs your help and asks that you sign up for a minimum of one volunteer shifts prior to the event.
Q: How much Gas should I bring if I will be performing with Fire?
A: We highly recommend to bring 1 gallon of White gas to use for the weekend. Before you do anything on fire, it is highly recommended to attend the fire safety workshops.
Q: When do the doors open?
A: We invite you to show up between 12pm-12am Thursday.
Q: When do I have to leave?
A: We ask that you are out by 5pm Sunday
Q: If I am performing, offering a workshop, a food or merchant vendor, or a volunteer healer – can I get early access?
A: Yes. Early admittance for you is Thursday morning, as early as 8am. .Theme camps with more than one day build time and/or large Art Installations are asked to come earlier – please contact and make arrangements.
Q: Can you buy tickets in person somewhere?
A: Unfortunately, at this current moment tickets are only available online. If you have any difficulty making the transaction. Please email
Q: Anyway to win a ticket?
A: Yes, as we continue to launch Scholarship programs. Please stay active and participate when made available. We have had local raffles for tickets and there will be social media promotions in some markets – keep your ears open and eyes peeled!
Q: Does my ticket include camping?
A: Yes it does
Q: Can we bring bicycles?
A: Everything within Manipulation is within walking distance. If you feel the need to bring your bike, consider decorating it, and please operate and store it in a fashion that promotes safety.
Q: Will there be a RV/Trailer camping area?
A: Yes, We only offer a very limited number of these. Please email for more inquiry.
Q: Is this festival a camp out/ bring your own tent function?
A: Yes. Please bring your own tent, dome, yurt, or free-design structure to camp in.
Q: Will there be a central trash/recycling or do we take out waste with us?
A: This is a Pack it in / Pack it out event. Our motto is to leave it better than we found it. If you bring garbage or packaging we ask that you plan to pack it out when you leave. There will be composting bins available. Water is provided on site so no need for plastic water bottles – in fact, we discourage the use of plastic water containers as they are not only poisonous but destructive to the Earth. Please plan to pack your own trash out.
Q: What is the food situation (are there places to cook our own food? A common space for all guests or is it up to our camps to set up a kitchen area? Can we bring personal camping stoves, are there fire pits or bbq’s, within our camps)?
A: Propane BBQs and camping stoves are NOT permitted, there are absolutely NO OPEN FLAMES or charcoal burners. However, we do have a common kitchen for everybody to use. Please use the kitchen respectively and leave it better than you found it for the next group/person to use. We encourage the use of food provided through the festival as we are being conscious to make it both affordable and healthy – and it creates less waste and trash than bringing in your own.
Q: Are there shower facilities?
A: There are showers available on site.
Q: Where is the closest City/Store?
A: Idyllwild Village Market is the closest store, located a few miles to the west. Buckhorn Camp sits about 1.5 miles away from the City of Idyllwild.
Q: I didn’t get accepted to host my workshop or play with my band, will there still be a way for me to contribute at the festival?
A: Absolutely. Our renegade workshops & open stage schedules to allow for some in-the-moment open-source opportunities just like this.
Q: Is there shuttle service for me and my gear?
A: No, but you are able to drop off your gear close to your campsite before parking your vehicle which would only be a few yards away.
Q: Are service animals allowed into Manipulation?
A: Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds, except for guests with disabilities that require them.
Q: Who do I contact to discuss specific needs?
A: Please email and someone will be in touch with you shortly.
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